Product Review: Tong Garden Nutritious Nuts and Snacks

Christmas and Chinese New Year are the most wonderful time to savour mouthwatering delights. With the festive season around the corner, no gathering will be complete without quintessential snacks that will fill your tummies and bring comfort.

And you are right, there are certain foods we cannot live without. Childhood rituals, like snacking off healthy nuts and such, occupy a special place in our hearts that new adventures can’t replace. Think about nutritrious nuts, think about Tong Garden.

Tong Garden is Singapore local brand since 1963 which supply various nuts, confectioneries, and snack food products. The familiar household brand is constantly evolving, dedicated to developing great-tasting snacks catered to different palates without compromising on quality.

And we are really spoiled for choices! Here’s some of the tempting selections that we got:


1. Nutrione Baked Nuts & Berry Mix (Unsalted) 85g

What’s more tempting than a delicious blend of macadamias, almonds, cashew nuts, cranberries, and pumpkin seeds. This unsalted combination of fresh nuts and berries not only provides you nutrients, proteins, fibre, antioxidants, and many more health benefits, it is sure to please your stomach and your palate with a mixture of texture and flavour.

2. Nutrione Baked Macadamias (Unsalted)

This is the most expensive nut in the world due to its slow harvesting process and high demand. Its not surprising given how rich and creamy macadamias taste!

3. Nutrione Baked Cashew Nuts (Unsalted) 85g / 330g / 1kg

Prized greatly due to their flavor and the difficulty of harvest, cashews offer a healthy and tasty alternative to fuel our active lifestyle. The cashews are baked with love with no added salt or preservatives for a healthy tomorrow.

4. Nutrione Baked Nuts & Fruit Medley

The health nut’s dream: Cashews, shelled pistachios, baked almonds, jumbo golden sultana raisins and dried figs. All natural without added flavourings. Snack till your heart’s content.

5. Nutrione Hearty Mix 75g

This nutty medley of macadamias, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews and pumpkin seed provides variety in a packet. Naturally baked with no salt added, this heart healthy mix is perfect for snacking but is also great on salads, breakfast bowls and baked goods.


6. Mango Tango – Baked Nuts & Dried Fruits Daily Pack 196g

Get ready for your taste buds to tango to the tropical tunes of mango, pineapple and coconut. The sweet and aromatic dried fruits are perfectly complemented by earthy walnuts, creamy macadamias, almonds, cashews and pumpkin seeds. Each sachet is artfully packed to ensure an even ratio of nuts and dried fruits, as well as separating the crunchy nuts from juicy fruits to bring to you the freshest tropical sensation possible!

7. Berry Mix – Baked Nuts & Dried Fruits Daily Pack 196g

We like to keep snacking fun and interesting by providing a variety of tastes and textures. This varied medley of nuts and dried fruits consists of eight different ingredients to keep your taste buds delighted with each bite. Macadamia, walnuts, almonds, cashews and pumpkin seeds are paired with dried blueberries, cranberries and jumbo Thompson raisins to create and assortment that is a classic match. Innovative split packaging packs the nuts and dried fruits in separate compartments, ensuring optimal texture as the nuts stay crunchy while the dried fruits remain enticingly juicy.

8. Apple Pie – Baked Nuts & Dried Fruits Daily Pack 196g

Inspired by the classic dessert, this nut and dried fruit mix features chewy cinnamon scented dried apples, buttery pecans, sweet pistachio kernels, creamy cashews, juicy cranberries and more! We have recreated the delicious taste of our beloved pie, this time without the additional calories and with all the beneficial nutrients our body needs. What’s more, we have invested in latest technology to ensure that each packet has a consistent amount of nuts and dried fruit for the most optimal flavor profile, every time!


9. Tong Garden Cereal Granola Bite – Chocolate & Banana 85g

The flavour combination of granola with chocolate & banana elevate the deliciousness of this snack to a level you might not have anticipated. Perfect for breakfast and snacks!

10. Tong Garden Cereal Granola Bite Original 85g

Cereal Granola Bites are the wholesome snack for a healthy and fiber-packed. These tasty little granola bites make an ideal snack for kids and adults.


11. Peanuts Mixed Anchovies 140g

This fragrant concoction of salted peanuts, crunchy seasoned anchovies and a heady mix of garlic, kaffir lime leaves and dried chilis is dangerously addictive. Herbaceous, spicy and crunchy – once you start eating, you can’t stop!

12. Almonds with Dried Cranberries 140g

Smoky crunchy almonds rolled and dusted in cranberry sugar. These are paired with tart tangy cranberries.


13. Roasted Chestnuts without shell

Tong Garden’s perfectly roasted chestnuts have a sweet nutty flavour and potato type texture. Roasting chestnuts are the best way to bring out their full flavour. These are deshelled for extra convenience. With its high nutritional value, it’s an easy-to-eat, easy-to-love snack for a healthy snacking experience.

14. NOi Mixed Vegetable Chips 60g

These vegetable chips are fresh from the farm which made from pumpkin, beetroot, green radish, potato, and shitake mushroom! Try out this crunchy and delicious snacks to satisfy your taste buds!

15. Sungift Seedless Mint Plum 18g

Enjoy the sweet and sourness of dried plums but do not like the hassle of eating those with seeds? Then, this is the product for you. Now with added mint, our carefully harvested plums have their seeds removed and the minty flavour will have you craving for more!

16. Crunchy Bite Almonds & Pistachios Mixed Berries

This is the ultimate bite of health and tastiness. Almonds and pistachios mingle with sweet dried strawberries and superfood goji berries. A textural, flavoursome and nutritious explosion.


This is a season to be “snacky” and it was made so easy by stocking up this wide spread of thoughtfully selected mix of fruits and nuts through the online purchase here.

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