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ShoeTree Project: Saphir Super Invulner Waterproofing Spray

You may have a pair of good quality leather shoes or boots but come a sudden downpour, they could be irreparably damaged. To prevent such situations from happening, you could protect your shoes by using Saphir Super Invulner Waterproof Spray. Introduced by the ShoeTree Project, this spray uses natural ingredients in place of silicone as the waterproofing compound, which is definitely one less health risk to take.

The waterproofing spray is imported from the world-renowned Saphir brand in France and there are several reasons why this is highly important for people who own leather shoes:

  • A waterproofing spray prolongs the lifespan of leather shoes by preventing loss of its natural oils. Oils can be leeched out of the leather when water soaks in and evaporates afterwards. The loss of oils make the leather microstructure more brittle and prone to cracks.
  • What most people don’t realise is that most of the waterproofing sprays out there use silicone as the waterproofing ingredient. While this may be alright for fabric shoes, silicone is highly drying to leather and wil, rather counterproductively, reduce its lifespan. The Saphir formula uses natural ingredients that help leather retain its natural oils.
  • The slow-drying formula of the Saphir Invulner also does not leave visible uneven patches like faster-drying sprays do. When wearing leather shoes, you want them to look their best!
Click here for the Saphir Singapore product category page.

The ShoeTree Project is a startup on a mission to bring the stagnating, inaccessible shoe care industry stuck in physical retail of yesteryear no more than a few clicks away from doorsteps around Southeast Asia. One of the cooler innovations that leather shoe owners would love to try out would be its algorithmic Custom Kit Design Tool as shoe care is a rather esoteric field, many shoe owners do not know which are the right products that make their shoes last decades, so they end up missing out a crucial component of their shoe care kit, or overspending on solutions they do not need.

ShoeTree Project’s Custom Kit Designer utilizes a proprietary algorithm to recommend only products that a client requires based on his shoe type, typical environment, as well as desired finish – a truly personalized shoe care kit! Coupled with FREE doorstep shipping and FREE size exchanges, it is just like having a 24-hour, 7-day a week shoe care shop right outside your doorstep, complete with service staff to help you with product selection. These innovations are what allow them to deliver the traditional emphasis on quality (like their handcrafted American Red Cedar shoe trees and shoe horns made from genuine ox horn) at mass market prices almost half of those in retail.

Image Credit: ShoeTree Project

ShoeTree Project, bringing premium shoe care & sartorial advice right to your doorstep.

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