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Penang Travelogue – (Part 2): Toh Soon Café 多春茶座, Penang Street Art Painting, Penang 70s Ice Ball, Khoo Kongsi and Lebuh Armenian Old Coffeeshop

I wandered up to Campbell Street after my lunch at Joo Hooi Café and unknowingly I stumbled upon Toh Soon Café which was one of those places I wanted to visit in Georgetown much to my surprise.

Toh Soon Café 多春茶座

There are many blogs on Toh Soon Café so I am not going to rave about how good it is. I had read that customers would usually wait up to an hour or two just to get a seat.  I had originally planned to come here at 8am in the morning to queue up and I was surprised to find a seat immediately in the late afternoon. So fortunate!

The hot water for making of coffee was scooped from the big oil drum and the staff toasted the bread directly over charcoal oven. It was not an easy job as crowds streamed to Toh Soon Café at all times of the day. Imagine how busy the staff would be.

Toasting in progress.

Fragrant coffee pair with simple kaya toast bread. If I don’t remember wrongly, this cost about RM4.50.

A simple and nice aroma of Hainanese coffee with condensed milk.

Image may contain: coffee cup and drink

To make it easier for readers to find Toh Soon Café, look out for Ban Heang pastry shop. Toh Soon Café is just beside it.

Address: Lebuh Campbell, George Town, Penang Island 10200, Malaysia

Penang Street Art Painting

 Here in Georgetown, the street art and wall paintings would keep you mesmerised throughout the day. These murals have successfully transformed quiet streets into whimsical and thought provoking ones.

It all started with a street art project called Mirrors George Town by George Town festival 2012. Since then, street art has been popping up all over the inner city and has stirred up quite a media frenzy with Singapore being a nearby country also catching the wall mural fever.

Regardless of whether the wall murals were popular or not, they could be seen everywhere.

Cat hanging from the balloons.

Cat prancing on a mouse.

The Penang community.

The ever popular Boy on Chair. The mural is located across the street from the Anak-Anak Kota clubhouse and Khoo Kongsi entrance.  It was painted by Ernest Zacharevic during the 2012 Georgetown Festival.

A Girl Preparing Fire with charcoals, just opposite Boy on Chair.

This wall mural could be found at Ban Heang pastry shop beside Toh Soon Café.

Along the street Lebuh Armenian you could find this painting of 3 little girls with different costumes.

The Shouting Boy.

Two Men Pushing the Wall.

The Trishaw Man selling Goods.

A Lady Offering Joss Sticks on the Altar.

Skippy the Giant Cat at Gat Lebuh Armenian.

The Musicians.

The Boatman.

Brother and Sister on a Swing.

Boy buying Soya Bean Curd.

Kungfu Minion breaking out.

No automatic alt text available.

At the intersection of Lebuh Victoria and Gat Lebuh Armenian, you would reach Ming Xiang Tai Pastry shop.

  “I Want Pau” street art mural depicted a boy and a girl stretching their hands from inside a window towards a parked bicycle loaded with steamed buns outside the Ming Xiang Tai Pastry shop.

Little Children on a Bicycle street art mural painted by Ernest Zacharevic.

Lion Dance Breaking Out of a Wall.

This shop provides bicycle rental.

Exploring more street art at night.

Just checking out the wall murals could take you almost a day. By the time I finished, my shirt was drenched with sweat. So, wearing comfortable shoes and light clothing would be useful. I guess it would be tiring to remember where are each wall mural located. My take is to grab a street map which is readily available at the airport and hotels and head down to the streets to stroll at your own pace. You may be amazed by how much you could cover within a day and the best part of it is that it is free! You may like to rent a bicycle to explore!

Penang 70s Ice Ball

Apart from being famous for street art at Armenian Street, it is also popular with visitors who can satisfy their cravings for 70s ice ball.


The popularity of ice ball goes back to the old school days. Over here, an ice ball sells for RM5.

My impression of the size of an ice ball should be similar to that of a fish ball. I was wrong. I was pleasantly surprised it looked pretty huge.

About the size of a small bowl.

Rainbow ice cream and peanuts stuffed inside the ice ball.

A must-try dessert in Penang!

Khoo Kongsi

The Khoo Kongsi is a large Chinese clanhouse with elaborate and highly ornamented architecture, a mark of the dominant presence of the Chinese in Penang, Malaysia. Leong San Tong exhibits rich Southern Fujian architecture. It is found along Armenian Street, near to the Dragon Ice Ball.

Intricate carvings everywhere on the walls, pillars, and roof.

The entire building is covered with intricate tiled shard work, mural paintings, wood and stone carvings.

Take a walk behind the courtyard and see the life of the locals.

Anna & The King (starring Chow Yun-Fat as King Mongkut and Jodie Foster as Anna Leonowens), was filmed at UNESCO world heritage site Khoo Kongsi!

Delve further inside you can find more art gallery and a small museum.

Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi opens daily, including Sundays and Public Holidays from 9am to 5pm.

Address: 18 Cannon Square, 10200 Penang, Malaysia

Old Coffeeshop @ Lebuh Armenian

A set of kaya toast and coffee is expensive in Singapore. Not surprising. However, there is this old coffeeshop at a corner of Lebuh Armenian Street that serves decent and wonderful toast.

The interiors of this coffeeshop are pretty dated but customers continue to be allured by its charm.

And this set of kaya toast and bread cost only RM2.70!

With more to come, stay tune for the next blog post 🙂

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