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Family Bonding Time: SmartParents Breakfast Bonanza

Today is the start of March holidays. Early this morning, we awoke from our slumber and attended SmartParents presents Breakfast Bonanza!

We blogged on this last week and 5 lucky winners will be having a great family bonding time today. Our Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin, will be here as well!

Breakfast Bonanza by SmartParents

We had our goody bags!

Yummy polar cakes are included.

Including various vouchers too 🙂

Games for Kids

We tried the Spartan Junior obstacles.

Up and down the Bouncing Castle.

Shooting the duck.

Ball throwing through the hole!

Be the next Ronaldo or Messi.

Kick the balls in.

Missed and try again 🙂

A pose with these great soccer players.

Join the Espzen Soccer School. It’s open to kids and adults.

Fight safely with Knockout Knights. Packed with fun and excitement!

Safety briefing.

Take down the villians!

Yes, we did have fun…and lots of it!

To know more about KnockOut Knights, click here.

They do have team bonding, events and parties’ packages as well (adults and kids included!)


Low Siling (9145 8275)

Store Booths

Food and beverage.

Redeeming a cup of lemonade.

Buy your favorite books here.

Fun and Games

Hosted by Mediacorp 933 DJ, Siau Jiahui, everyone gets to learn how to conserve water in a fun way.

All thanks to MediaCorp and SmartParents to make this event possible. It goes a long way to bond, engage and connect families. We had fun and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

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