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MOSH! Interactive Digital Edutainment Park @ Sentosa (MARCH SCHOOL HOLIDAYS GIVEAWAY!)

We love visiting Sentosa for many reasons. Not only it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a perfect play haven for kids as well. We heard of a new interactive digital edutainment park that opened in Sentosa recently. Yes, it’s called MOSH! This is the place where your imagination comes to life!


If you are driving, you can park at Beach Station.

Follow the signage. It’s easy.

MOSH! is located in the same building where KidZania is. With these 2 theme parks packed with fun-filled activities for families and kids, you can easily forsee Palawan Kidz City in Sentosa is going to be real hot!


MOSH! is Singapore’s first digital media edutainment facility, which showcases state-of-the-art multimedia technology from Japan.

Kingdom MOSH! is a place filled with great imagination, where dreams come to life. King MOSH! and his Mosh!cots would celebrate whenever somebody thought of something new. One day, Baku, the Dream Eater appeared and ate up all their dreams and over time, the MOSH!cots lost their ability to dream.

Because of this, the MOSH! cots became dull and unhappy. King MOSH! then gathered the best mosh-gineers and the smartest mosh-sits to inspire MOSH!cots to dream again. The Mosh!cots dreamed and MOSH! became a happy place again.

Before we entered MOSH!, we were shared by MOSH!’s enthusiastic staff on how we can create imaginary worlds of our own. These friendly and cheerful staff are going to be our tour-guide. We can’t wait to enter!


MOSH! houses five technological attractions divided into themes – Space: Fireworks Party; Air: Paper Plane Adventure; Land: Hide-and-Seek Table; Sea: Doodle Aquarium; and Fantasy: World of Wonder.

Theme #1: Land (Hide-and-Seek Table)

Come interact with Technology at our Interactive Table where the little creatures live! Place any object in any manner on the table and the residents will interact with your object!

Theme #2: Air (Paper Plane Adventure)

Big and Small M love folding paper planes even at home. Over here, they were supplied with endless sheets of paper and off they go, folding paper planes! There’s no right or wrong way to create a paper plane so long as it can fly. The main catch of this attraction is to challenge each other to a game of paper planes involving an interactive projection with vector sensors.

. Throw your paper planes at any distance, and you will be awarded points! Be surprised by the visual of an aircraft flying pass you at any distance you throw!

Put on the goggles and imagine yourself to be a pilot.

Let’s throw the paper planes to simulate fighter planes.

Fight planes appeared!

The theme can change as well, adding even more to our fun.

Theme #3: Sea (Doodle Aquarium)

I think Big and Small M enjoyed this part the most and so much time they spent over here. They loved drawing and coloring and as the theme is “Doodle Aquarium”, you can draw any marine theme creatures.

Take a doodle card and draw and colour your own sea creature. Remember to name your Aquatic Playfriend!

Place card on Doodle Aquarium Table for scanning.

In a while, pop! Your marine creatures will appear on the screen and swim happily in the “aquarium”.

Theme #4: Fantasy (World of Wonder)

Show us what your very own Mosh!cot would look like in the Fantasy World of Wonder!

Choose your favorite MOSH!cot.

Now, start to colour your mascot.

I’ve coloured my mascot. Now, bring it to the scanner and press SCAN.

See your MOSH!cot spring into action 🙂

Theme #5: Space (Firework Party)

Bring your creativity to our dance floor where every step and moment you take will generate an impressive visual of fireworks! Here, you are the creator of beautiful blasts.

All you need to do is to move – jump, walk, run, wave your hands!


We enjoyed our visit to MOSH! and will definitely come back again. Overall, I find it as a good bonding time with the whole family. MOSH! is suitable for kids and adults as well. When planning a visit to MOSH!, you can be sure it has so much to offer for everyone. And lastly, be ready to EXPLORE, be EXCITED be ENCHANTED and be ENTERTAINED!


Special thanks to MOSH!, 2 lucky families will walk away with FOUR Entry Passes (2 Adults and 2 Children) worth S$100 to MOSH!

To participate, simply:

  • Like Katong Kids Inc‘s Facebook Page
  • Like MOSH! Facebook Page
  • Leave a comment “I want to win!” on our Facebook post
  • SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook to as many friends for a bonus chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

Giveaway ends on 6 March 2016, 2359 hours.

Congratulations to our winners: Eileen Png , Johnathan Chin

 Keep your eyes peeled, as we continue updating details of our blog@Katong Kids Inc Facebook page – expect more activities and giveaways coming your way! 🙂

Useful Information

From Beach station, take a short 5-minute walk towards Palawan Beach to start your adventure!
We are located just above Kidzania at Level 3. Let your journey begin!

Alternatively, you may take the Palawan-Tanjong Beach Tram and alight at the first tram stop outside Port of Lost Wonder.
Park at Beach Carpark

(Blue Zone)
Bus: Bus 1, 2 & 3
Sentosa Express: Beach Station
Sentosa Beach Tram

31 Beach View #03-01
Palawan Kidz City
Singapore 098008
Telephone: +65 6238 8296


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