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Examination Blues

Most of the schools have ended their Semester 1 examinations. For Macy, she still has one last paper to go.

At least she has about two days to prepare for this last paper. We have planned the activities for this June holidays. They are really looking forward to them with anticipation. But till then, we are cheering for Macy to brave on.



How about Mindy? She loves the library and likes to indulge herself with books. We are encouraging her to cultivate an interest in reading apart from just appreciating the cartoon pictures. A visit to the library is an inexpensive way to entertain and yet enrich the kids with knowledge. To top it all, the air-conditioned environment allowed us to escape from the blistering sun.





We expose M&Ms to library and books at their early stage and plan to continue this way. Just pure human interaction, educational activities and plays to enrich their learning journey. They do not clamour for iPads even though we have two tablets at home and they know the password to unlock them. Once a while, they do get to enjoy little treats of iPad games, some youtube videos and OKTO channel shows. That’s about it.

Happy studying!


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