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10D9N Taiwan Travelogue – (Part 3): Day 3 @ 十份 Shi Fen, 西門町 Ximending

Back again to continue blogging our Taiwan travelogue. We have many “quiet” readers out there and some of them actually messaged us that they look forward to see us completing to blog our travelogue. Thank you so much.

As I’m writing, Katong Kids Inc blog has just crossed over 100,000 views. We started to blog in April and we are certainly glad to see viewers, even from overseas, streaming into our website. Once again, thank you so much!


So, in our previous blog, we shared on 九份 Jiufen and other places and it was fun, fun and fun! We even travelled by public transport. You can read the blog again here.

Today we are going to visit 十分 Shi Fen. You can travel there by taking MRT and then switching to Railway.

Step 1: Ximen MRT to Taipei Main Station MRT
Step 2: Taipei Main Station to Ruifang Railway
Step 3: Ruifang Railway to Shifen (Pingxi Line)

The railway cabin was packed with tourists.

Along the way, we enjoyed viewing beautiful natural scenery of Taiwan.

Here we are at 十分 Shi Fen Station. You would have seen many of your friends posting pictures of Chinese Lantern (天燈) with a wish written on it to set into the sky in their FB. This is none other than Shi Fen.

To our dismay, the weather was bad on that day. It didn’t just drizzle. In fact it rained quite heavily.

At Shi Fen Station, we were greeted by many stores.

There are no lack of shops selling Chinese Lantern (天燈). You can find it everywhere. As the rain is getting heavier, we decided to visit another spot nearby…

十分大瀑布 Shi Fen Waterfall

We took a cab to see the waterfall. The journey is no more than 5 mins. Just walk along this path towards the bridge.

I’m feeling wet and cold!

Crossed the bridge.

Say cheese 🙂

We tried fish feeding as well.
This is 十分大瀑布 Shi Fen Waterfall. There are different viewing decks for tourists to choose.

What is the best thing to do here? Take pictures. And lots of them.

We don’t get to see real waterfalls often. Everyone was busy viewing the waterfall and taking pictures to capture these memories. A plus that the weather was cold and that made our experience even more surreal.

Sisters forever.


等一個人咖啡 Cafe Waiting Love

If you are a coffee-lover like me, there is this cafe just near to the waterfall. Hop by here and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Aren’t these displays cute? We were enchanted by them. That was why we stopped to take a look.

I love it!

Tastes heavenly 🙂

天燈 Sky Lantern

We finally get a chance to buy a sky lantern after waiting so long for this trip.

This is a rough guide to the price list. Quite affordable.

First of all, we give thanks to the Lord for everything. Yes, everything in our lives.

Writing her heart’s out…

Wishes from Katong Kids Inc 🙂


May our wishes go right up to heaven.

We get to see fireworks as well!

The highlight of the day was rain.

What an adventurous ride in the train for Big and Small M on our way back. We went through in and out of many tunnels as it continued to rain.


We are back to Ximending. The night is still young. Look at the crowd.

Food, entertainment, shopping and many more.

Tonight is special because our group is bigger! Our family members just arrived in Taipei and joined us for dinner.

So tired. We were just glad to be back at Via Hotel to rest through the night. To read our review of Via Hotel, click here.

Disclosure: All photos, information and opinions, unless otherwise stated, in this post belong to Katong Kids Inc. Reproducing or copying them for use on third party sites without our written permission are strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

Keep your eyes peeled, as we continue updating details of our blog@Katong Kids Inc Facebook page – expect more activities and giveaways coming your way! 🙂



8 thoughts on “10D9N Taiwan Travelogue – (Part 3): Day 3 @ 十份 Shi Fen, 西門町 Ximending”

    1. Hi thank you for visiting our blog. The taxi dropped us at the main road and we walked to Via hotel. The hotel is not in front of the main road (it is between Starbucks/7-Eleven Building and the main road). We walked about 70m from the main road and cut into the shops, Via hotel is located in between the shops.


    1. We had our luggages but it was manageable for us. If we have 4 adults at our end, we prefer to get 2 rooms so that we don’t have to queue up for the toilet. It freeds up more time for our vacation 🙂


  1. Hi, thanks for the Taipei travel blog. Very useful. Fr Taipei Main Station to Ruifang Railway, do we need to buy tickets in advance? Are we able to buy tickets with guaranteed seats? I rem buying tickets but ended up no seats on our previous trip to Ruifang railway.
    Then fr Ruifang Railway to Shifen (Pingxi Line), is it a railway or mrt? Are there seats allocated? Thank you.


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