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A Brand New Beginning @ Tao Nan School

Many parents experienced their “first” today. Regardless of which year the children were in, it was their first time stepping into Tao Nan School after it went through a major upgrading. Yes, two solid years. Gone were the days they had to bear the heavy traffic at the previous holding site at Bedok South.


This is the first and will be the last. We were glad to be part of Big & Small M’s journey when they embarked into P1. Many parents were on leave today to accompany their little ones for P1 enlistment. Not only the little ones were excited, parents too. All ready to enter this building painted in a sea of blue.

Principal of Tao Nan School, Dr. Chin Kim Woon, addressing the parents.

Set to embark on their journey of education.

This is an excerpt of their childhood.

Parents and parents everywhere in the school. Hey, they are not kiasu. Like all parents, they meant the best for their little ones. Kudos for taking time off to walk the journey with them.

Class starts. We wonder what thoughts are going through the minds of our little ones. Now, close your eyes and recall the day when you were in P1. Still remember?


It was obvious that everyone was very pleased with this new building. Not only it is bigger now, there are many new facilities added to create a holistic learning experience for the students. Let’s take a look.

Tao Nan School is situated opposite Marine Parade Community Building.

An overhead bridge links pedestrians to the school.

Follow the signage to different parts of the school.

The General Office next to Purple Block.

Staff room.

Sheltered walkway for students to pass through.

The Parade Square @ Level 2. This is where TNS will hold its assembly.

Above the bus bay is the school field.

A playground as well!

Study corners at different parts of school.

The school’s backgate.

Gate 4 (Canteen Gate).


Many of us are confused. But here’s the guide.

  • P1 : Purple Block
  • P2 & P4 : Green Block
  • P3 & P5: Yellow Block
  • P6 : Brown Block
  • General Office : Next to Purple Block
  • Canteen : Next to Brown Block


  • Walk only
  • Return all utensils to the receptacles provided
  • Queue up
  • Wash your hands

A bowl of fishball noodles for $1.


Many of you are driving. You will be pleased to know that in the event it rains, there is a sheltered drive-through at the front of Tao Nan School. It’s that big that even school buses can pass through. So, no more getting drenched in the rain. Parent volunteers can understand the nightmare of serving during heavy rain. A simple guide is attached below [Disclaimer: Subject to changes from the school]


Their character is more important than their comfort. School alone is not enough. It takes parents to make it happen as well.

So now it’s back to class, back to school. May the spirit of Tao Nan School continues to shine ever brighter. Enjoy your learning journey!

Address: Tao Nan School, 49 Marine Crescent, Singapore 449761
Phone: 6442 8307
Fax: 6443 5973
Email: taonan_sch@moe.edu.sg
Keep your eyes peeled, as we continue updating details of our blog@Katong Kids Inc Facebook page – expect more activities and giveaways coming your way! 🙂

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